About Vero Consulting

Vero Consulting provide forensic analysis of the evidence

Vero Consulting’s team includes highly experienced forensic accounting professionals with over 100 years of combined experience working on significant forensic accounting assignments.

We are highly skilled and qualified chartered accountants and expert witnesses that specialise in providing a wide range of forensic accounting, contentious business valuation and investigation services.

Our experts have presented reports and given oral expert evidence in a wide range of cases heard in the UK civil courts and tribunals, UK criminal courts, and at arbitrations in the UK and overseas. Whilst we are generally appointed to act for one of the parties to a dispute, we also regularly acted as single joint experts (SJEs).

Our reports are always clear and reasoned, however complex the subject matter. On the rare occasions when our evidence is not accepted before a hearing, you can be assured that all our expert witnesses have experience of having been cross-examined on numerous occasions and our evidence will be presented robustly. Our experts have been praised by judges and leading counsel for their performance in courts, tribunals and at arbitrations.

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Vero Consulting – basis of charges

We aim to ensure our work adds value to our client’s case, while recognising our responsibilities as expert witnesses means our ultimate duty will be to the court or tribunal. Our basis of charging means that we can work cost effectively on large as well as smaller matters where the issue may involve low hundreds of thousands. When we are not acting as expert witnesses, we will consider working on a contingent or semi-contingent basis.

We are always willing to review documents on a “without commitment” basis. Feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Vero Consulting – other services

Our expert witness and advisory specialists also regularly provide legal support as expert advisers to prepare or respond to claims where expert reports are not permitted (for example, where a court has not allowed expert evidence) and we provide expert advice where the court has insisted on a SJE. Where we are not instructed as the expert witness, we will consider undertaking matters on a contingent or semi-contingent basis.

In addition, our team undertake expert determinations, including appointments under the ICAEW President’s Nominations Scheme. These cases often involve the valuations of businesses, shares or disputes arising following the sale of businesses.

Our clients include solicitors, barristers, businesses, regulators, government departments and law enforcement agencies engaged in contentious matters.

Our areas of expertise

The team have prepared expert reports in a wide range of areas, including:

Industry sectors

We have undertaken forensic accounting investigations and expert witness assignments in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • shipbuilding
  • container shipping
  • ship chartering
  • yachts
  • port operators
  • construction
  • offshore oil and gas exploration
  • oil and gas extraction
  • mining
  • power generation (including biomass and waste to energy plants)
  • medical equipment
  • banking
  • cereal wholesaling
  • pharmaceuticals
  • insurance broking
  • retailing
  • garden centres
  • residential care
  • professional services
  • internet ISP
  • telecoms
  • computer technology licensing
  • oil exploration and production
  • mineral exploration
  • airlines
  • mail order
  • waste recycling
  • betting and gaming
  • serviced offices
  • catering and hospitality
  • retailing
  • newsagents
  • fast food retailing
  • bakery
  • retail butchers
  • restaurants
  • booksellers
  • B2B industrial spares
  • film production
  • TV programme distribution
  • commercial agents
  • real-estate investment
  • property development
  • estate agents
  • premier football clubs
  • gyms
  • office storage facilities
  • executive search and consultancy
  • outsourcing
  • printing
  • concrete and aggregates
  • language schools
  • furniture manufacture
  • loan portfolios
  • fund managers
  • carbon credit brokers
  • reinsurance
  • pensions investment.

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