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Vero Consulting is a nimble and conflict free boutique firm providing forensic services. We are dedicated to providing expert and authoritative analysis and opinions on the financial, economic, accounting and fiscal aspects of commercial litigation, and other disputes and investigations.

The firm has prepared reports and advised at negotiations, mediations, court proceedings, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We have assisted professional clients, lawyers, regulators, government departments and law enforcement agencies engaged in contentious matters.

The team has worked on over 700 cases in a wide range of industries and countries from their office near the courts, tribunals and arbitrations centre in the City of London.

The many testimonials by named individuals, recommendations, and the reliance placed on our evidence in reported judgments available on law case databases and in this website demonstrate our credibility and expertise.

Why we chose the name “Vero”?

The origin and history of the word “Vero” is from the Latin word vērus (“true”).  As a noun it means “Truth” and as an adverb (Latin) it means “Truly, really in truth.” (source)

The name captures perfectly Vero Consulting’s approach. In every case we undertake our aim is to gain the confidence of the parties by presenting the evidence clearly and accurately.

The wide range of our previous assignments

The team has undertaken assignments in a wide range of areas, including:

About Vero Consulting

Many cases involve quantifying the compensation due

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Charles has given evidence in many reported cases. For further details about his reported cases, click here.

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To find out what our clients say about us, click here.

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