Are you currently handling a divorce with complex financial implications?

If you are weighing up the benefits of engaging a forensic accountant, consider if these factors are at play.

While some divorce settlements have clear assets eligible for division, it is the cases where there has been cunning bookwork done by one (or both) of the parties, those negotiations can stall.

As experienced forensic accountants, we can provide the transparency required to move the divorce proceedings forward and ensure a fairer settlement for all.

Vero Consulting can assist with:

  • producing clear and authoritative reports that are rarely challenged.
  • presenting the recent history of both parties’ income and expenditure.
  • determining the wealth created during marriage by clarifying pre and post-marriage assets.
  • identifying financial anomalies, indicating attempts to conceal assets.
  • tracing assets to establish a party’s source of wealth.
  • assessing support requirements for children born outside of the marriage.
  • evaluating private business and share values.
  • establishing the liquidity of businesses for the purpose of financial settlement.
  • advising on the tax and financial implications of transferring or settling property, shares or other assets.
  • defining financial disclosure for the purpose of pre and post-nuptial agreements.
  • understanding the standard of living expectations to determine spousal support
  • attending mediations, negotiations and other processes required.

With background knowledge in many business sectors, including property, trading, and investment banking in the UK and overseas, our Vero consultants are also equipped to testify in court if required.

 To find out more about the forensic accounting services we offer, please visit our website.

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