The law on division of assets following no-fault divorces

Financial settlement on divorce

There is no rule or law that says money and assets should be divided equally on divorce but it is often the starting point for many couples. Even with the introduction of no-fault divorce from 6 April 2022 the courts will continue to look at the factors set out section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, legislation that was introduced almost half a century ago! But how will the change of emphasis away from blame change the way the courts decide financial settlements in contested cases? 

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A compulsory purchase order for your business could be an opportunity

Are you or your client expecting a compulsory purchase order? Through city centre regeneration projects, and new road and railway investments, many businesses will face the impacts of compulsory purchase orders.

However, with careful planning it need not be devastating.

Understandably, a compulsory purchase order can affect some businesses more than others.  Those where their location plays a vital role in winning customers or clients will need particular care.

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Vero Consulting celebrates five years advising lawyers and clients

Vero Consulting anniversary celebration

Five year anniversary

Founded in May 2016 by senior members of Moore Stephens’ forensic accounting team, this award-winning firm has established its reputation as forensic investigators and expert witnesses specialising in insurance claims, contentious business valuations, commercial disputes, compulsory purchase, commercial agency valuations and matrimonial finances.

The team members have remained unchanged since its founding, which means the firm provides continuity to our clients and consistency from case to case.

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Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance

Directors responsibilities

A two-tiered Board or more professional directors?

Spectacular company failures are usually the catalyst for changes to company law. Familiar names such as BHS, Patisserie Valerie, Thomas Cook and Carillion have collapsed after auditors have given them a clean bill of health, even after significant frauds have remained undiscovered for many years. These led Sir John Kingman to call for FRC’s replacement by a stronger regulatory body (a new Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority) capable of enforcing higher audit standards in his report with 80+ recommendations for improvement. Read More