The complex art of determining unique business valuations. 

I recently participated in a complex divorce case, where a previously thriving e-Gaming business (owned by the husband) was being presented to the court as though it was in financial dire straits.  

I was approached initially by the wife, to help unravel the true financial standing of this company, as neither party could agree on the value.  

The complexity arises from the fact that e-Gaming is a relatively new growth industry, so trying to establish a comparable business value and future prospects required some expert detective work. 

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Do you have a hearing date? Considerations for lawyers currently handling divorce proceedings


We are often asked:

“At what point in the divorce process should we engage the services of a forensic accountant?”

The simplest answer is, “right from the very start”. 

Although it may take a while for both parties to gather the financial data to be reviewed, it is always beneficial to engage us at the start so that we can commence the procedural process i.e. proposal, letter of instruction, and terms of engagement.  

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