Are you currently handling a divorce with complex financial implications?

If you are weighing up the benefits of engaging a forensic accountant, consider if these factors are at play.

While some divorce settlements have clear assets eligible for division, it is the cases where there has been cunning bookwork done by one (or both) of the parties, those negotiations can stall.

As experienced forensic accountants, we can provide the transparency required to move the divorce proceedings forward and ensure a fairer settlement for all.

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Commercial disputes: From an expert’s perspective.

When it comes to disputes, there an old adage that there are usually three versions of events:

–       The perspective of party ‘A’.

–       The perspective of party ‘B’.

–       And somewhere between the two, may be where the truth lies.

In matters involving a commercial dispute that truth can equate to millions of dollars, so as an expert forensic accountant, it is vital that I get to the bottom of the dispute and make sure there is financial clarity to ensure a fair resolution. 

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The complex art of determining unique business valuations. 

I recently participated in a complex divorce case, where a previously thriving e-Gaming business (owned by the husband) was being presented to the court as though it was in financial dire straits.  

I was approached initially by the wife, to help unravel the true financial standing of this company, as neither party could agree on the value.  

The complexity arises from the fact that e-Gaming is a relatively new growth industry, so trying to establish a comparable business value and future prospects required some expert detective work. 

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