Can you spot financial anomalies in a plethora of divorce discoveries?

Parties can go to extraordinary lengths to hide assets and their true financial standing during a divorce. 


When you are presented with hundreds or even thousands of pages of financial data from an opposing party, you may need someone who can spot inconsistencies on balance sheets and follow the financial trail to uncover hidden assets. 

As experienced forensic accountants, Vero Consulting can help you uncover: 

  • offshore accounts used to hide money from HMRC and an ex-spouse. 
  • non-cash-based assets that haven’t been declared and may be converted into cash once the divorce is finalised, i.e., bonds / shares / debts due / ISAs.
  • business owners using their company to hide personal wealth. 
  • business owners reporting lower revenues or debts to understate their true income. 
  • one party parking money with a trusted friend to retrieve once the divorce is settled. 

In the highly charged emotional process of a divorce, there can be huge settlements at stake, which cloud the negotiations. 

Engaging a forensic accountant provides clarity over the financial aspect of the divorce and can expedite the negotiation process, alleviating the pressure on your legal resources. 

Vero Consultants can undertake forensic accounting services in either a party-appointed or single joint expert (SJE) capacity. We have particular expertise in dealing with ultra-high net-worth international families and our consultants can work in a range of European languages. 

To learn more about the forensic accounting services we offer, click here and we would be happy to have a commitment-free discussion about your issue. 

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