Commercial disputes: From an expert’s perspective.

When it comes to disputes, there an old adage that there are usually three versions of events:

–       The perspective of party ‘A’.

–       The perspective of party ‘B’.

–       And somewhere between the two, may be where the truth lies.

In matters involving a commercial dispute that truth can equate to millions of dollars, so as an expert forensic accountant, it is vital that I get to the bottom of the dispute and make sure there is financial clarity to ensure a fair resolution. 

There can be a variety of reasons that disputes arise, but if a once thriving business suddenly looks to be in financial turmoil, engaging the services of forensic accounting experts can unravel even the most tangled web of financial data to identify the true cause.

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How I determine the true value in a commercial dispute:

  • Look at the market data
  • Third party analysis
  • Compare these findings to what the parties are presenting in their arguments to see what is consistent. (And what is not!)
  • View historic data
  • Look at finance trends that suddenly change, coinciding with the start of the dispute

I have seen all the tricks in the book when it comes to depressing business valuations, but through forensic accounting, I can gain an understanding of the whole situation, and provide a thorough, in-depth report that can be used as evidence in court.

To find out more about the forensic accounting services we offer, please click here and I’d be happy to have a ‘commitment free’ discussion about your issue. 


Charles Lazarevic

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