Latest developments webinar for LexisNexis

Latest developments in expert witness evidence

Today I present a webinar on the latest developments in expert evidence for LexisNexis’ annual CPR Update, which will be broadcast on 13 October and will remain available on their website for a year.

The topics I covered included the:

  • Trend of increasing codification of expert’s duties in the CPR & PD;
  • The recent Supreme Court judgment – Kennedy v Cordia;
  • CJC’s Civil Litigation Review Working Group’s First Study on hot-tubbing;
  • Recent criticism of the length and content of expert reports;
  • Developments on the horizon, based on the 2015 Northern Ireland guidance; and
  • Concerns expressed by experts in a recent survey.

My co-presenter, Tim Riordan, a senior associate with Nabarro, will cover the 86th CPR Update, recent developments in costs budgeting and proportionality, and a Part 36 Update.  The webinar will be chaired by Professor Dominic Regan, from the City Law School, City University, London.


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