Accountants and professional negligence claims

Professional and Accountants negligence

Professional and accountants negligence

Our team of award-winning chartered accountants and accredited forensic accountants have considerable skill and experience in advising clients that have suffered as a result of negligence by their accountants.

We also have considerable experience of quantifying direct and consequential losses arising from negligence by other professionals including solicitors, architects, financial advisers, insurance brokers and surveyors.

We apply our deep knowledge of accountancy practices, experience of quantifying losses and our robust judgement to assist our clients in each and every case.

How to start a professional negligence claim

If you believe you have suffered economic loss or damage as a result of professional negligence you will probably have appointed a lawyer, who will manage the process for you.

You will almost certainly need an experienced professional from the same field to carefully review the work performed, to advise whether the work fell short of the expected professional standards, and to advise on the consequences of any deficiencies. In most cases the results of this analysis will need to be set out in a thorough and detailed report.

We are often appointed to review the work performed by other accountants and advise on whether it fell below the expected professional standards, and to advise on the financial consequences of any deficiencies.

In many cases our forensic accountants can help quantify the economic damage arising from these defects.

Often the issues involved are highly technical and the consequences of defective professional work can be very significant and complex. It is important to appoint a highly experienced and reputable team of professionals.

To read Case Studies of reported professional negligence cases where our experts have provided expert reports and given oral evidence, click here.

Areas where we can help

We can help with various aspects of a professional negligence claim, including:

  • Preparing an initial assessment of liability where accountants’ negligence is suspected;
  • Carrying out an initially assessment of the economic consequences of any deficiencies;
  • Help draft correspondence, disclosure in accordance with pre-action protocols, statements of claim;
  • Support with the selection of other professionals where our role is to act as advisers;
  • Providing expert evidence and reports on liability (where appropriate) and economic damage for use in ADR;
  • Attending meetings of experts and preparing joint statements;

  • Attending mediations, negotiations and other processes intended to bring about an early resolution; and
  • Giving oral expert evidence in court.

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Charles has given evidence in many reported cases. For further details about his reported cases, click here.

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