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Directors’ duties

We are experienced at advising directors on governance responsibilities and giving evidence when a director’s actions are questioned.

Share valuations

We regularly undertake share valuations for a wide variety of purposes, including for share transfers and shareholder disputes. Click here to read more.

Expert determinations

Disputes may arise over the value of shares, on completion accounts, earn out calculations, warranties and in various other areas.  We can assist by advising parties or by acting as an expert to provide an expert determination for disputes involving completion accounts, earn out calculations, warranty claims and others areas where this form of dispute resolution may lead to a swift and cost-effective resolution. Click here to read more.

Advising on Expert determinations

We are able to draw on our experience of undertaking expert determinations appointments made by the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales when advising a party involved in an expert determination.

If you need to submit evidence in an expert determination we can assist with:

  • Preparing evidence and financial analysis to support the party’s position;
  • Drafting objections and negotiating; and
  • Preparing written submissions on unresolved issues for presentation to an independent expert.

Warranty claims

We regularly advise parties and their legal advisors on the financial and accounting aspect of warranty claims and breach of warranty matters. We will also prepare reports and engage with opposing experts to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. If matters cannot be settled by negotiation or mediation, our experts can provide oral testimony at court or arbitration.

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Charles has given evidence in many reported cases. For further details about his reported cases, click here.

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