Studying the decline of a business asset: what is an accurate valuation?

We’ve seen it play out many times before… when it comes time to evaluate a business and determine the division of assets, somehow, a once thriving business suddenly appears to be barely profitable.

If something doesn’t add up, that’s where our years of experience can provide clarity.

As forensic accountants, we can determine:

  • If the perceived decline in business performance is genuine, or has been created.
  • When the business started to decline.
  • If the decline correlates with the timeline of impending divorce filings.
  • If there are assets that are not being accurately reported.
  • The ability of a business to provide liquidity for financial settlement.

We do this by analysis of:

Financial documents (full accounts for several years are preferred).

  • Bank statements.
  • Business records.
  • Personal tax records.

Not all occasions where a business suddenly underperforms will lead to proof that the situation has been fabricated, with the intent of financial gain.

However, if this is suspected by one of the parties, a forensic accounting investigation can help put this suspicion to rest and provide peace of mind moving forward in negotiations.

To find out more about the forensic accounting services we offer, click here and we would be happy to have a commitment-free discussion about your issue.

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