Philip Downer, Former CEO, Borders UK Bookstores: Philip and Charles worked together to advise their client on how book-buyers would choose their bookstore following road access changes in a locality.  Philip’s testimonial appears within the webpage with Charles Lazarevic’s expertise.

Testimonial: Business acumen Philip Downer

Jamie Forbes-Wilson, Portfolio Manager, UK Equities: I wanted to thank you sincerely for the help that you provided. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and I have enjoyed our various meetings. The insights and advice that you were able to provide me with during my divorce negotiations were invaluable. Should any […]

Testimonial: Divorce Jamie Forbes-Wilson

Charlie Pillans, CEO, Q Medical Technologies Ltd recently approached us to quantify the compensation due to an agent on termination of the commercial agency.  On completion of the work he provided this testimonial: We utilised the services and expertise of Mr Charles Lazarevic of Vero Consulting Limited during a recent agency valuation project. We found […]

Testimonial: Termination of commercial agency Commercial Agent and Principal

Philip G Cohen, Senior Partner Litigation, Ince Gordon Dadds LLP: When asked about the firm’s commercial disputes services over the years Philip provided the following testimonial: Your service is always impeccable! The team at Vero have acted in many commercial disputes. For further details about the firm’s expertise in commercial disputes, click here.

Testimonial: Philip Cohen Philip Cohen

Michael Pulford, Partner, Pinsent Mason: I spoke to Charles some years ago and identified him as the ‘go-to’ person when I needed to investigate or to present the financial position of high net worth individuals in reports and in court. His reports are carefully prepared and supported by thorough research. I would not hesitate in […]

Testimonial: Matrimonial finances Testimonial