Vero Consulting sponsor the Compulsory Purchase Association’s annual conference

Compulsory Purchase Association sponsors

The team at Vero Consulting are pleased to be able to support the work of the Compulsory Purchase Association.

Details of our expertise may be found by clicking here.

This year we are one of three sponsors for the annual conference on 11 July.

Conference topics will include:

• The delivery of housing and the role of compulsory purchase
• The remit and emerging role of the Homes and Community Agency in housing delivery
• Public Sector Land Acquisition Policies – risks and unintended consequence

o The loss of secondary and tertiary industrial space
o Value Inflation
o The Protection of Communities
o Risks for private sector development

• CPO round up
• Streamlining the assessment of compensation: a draft CPA protocol
• Advanced payments
• HS2 update
• Market issues

o Real challenge of the skills shortage
o Time line for litigation is becoming longer
o 20% of claims going to Tribunal, which is higher than other disputes.
o There are impediments for local authorities to use ADR, so encouraging the more traditional litigation route
o Real challenges to relocation – no suitable land, and intransigence of schemes to be modified.

• Simplified resolution procedures for small claims
• Clyde Gateway – Glasgow regeneration – a case study
• Last year the conference looked at Ottawa. A case study that focused on the city’s ambitious transport regeneration which unlocked land for prime development and added value to the city. This year the focus is on city renewal and cultural development in Glasgow, and how CPO was able to transform a significant part of the city. It will look at:

o What was needed?
o The regeneration plan
o Land assembly in action
o The build strategy
o Community engagement
o Regeneration in action
o City living

• TfL good behaviours/early engagement protocol

o The launch of the protocol

• Panel session: Consenting regimes and inconsistent approaches to engagement.

o Experience of engagement on hybrid bill, DCO, CPO and TWAO
o Approach on consultation, land strategy and engagement dependent on order type
o Expectation by acquiring and confirming authority dependant and claimants on order type
o Issues for claimants depending on order type

• Legislation update: Legal update

This year the conference is being held at: Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS.  Further details may be found here.

Charles, who leads the team at Vero, was a co-opted member of the Compulsory Purchase Association’s Committee some years ago and continues to support the CPA’s work.

20 March 2018

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